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Head Office:  Klas Plaza A Blok 3. kat 70 Mersin / TURKIYE

AGL Forwarding


Continuing its activities by increasing its quality and customer satisfaction-based values every day since 2003, Metronak Tekstil International Transportation İnş. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti., Altıntaş Global Logistics San. and Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti. and in short, it started its activities with the name of AGL forwarding and it carries out maritime and airway complete and partial transportation to the whole world, which has accessibility from all sea and air ports of Turkey, and is expanding its field of expertise day by day.

AGL Forwarding, with its expert staff and wide transportation network, adds new achievements and signature projects to its portfolio that is expanding day by day, and spreads its sustainable service quality day by day in import and cross transportation as well as sea and air, complete and partial export transportation.

By not limiting our services only to complete and partial maritime and air transport in export and import, we have added complete and partial railway complete and partial international and domestic container transport to our inventory as of 2022. In all overseas and intercontinental maritime and air transport, Metronak operates with the principle of solution partnership with the world's reputable maritime transport lines and agencies on both a complete and partial basis, without distinction of export or import, and in road transport, Metronak, which has a total of 200 trucks, self-owned and rented. Textile International Transportation Cons. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.'s 30 years of experience, and its service partnership is maintained without restrictions, all with its own C2, G2, TIO certificates. Also for storage, warehouse loading and handling; It uses its own 11,200 m2 open and closed areas under the porch, which is registered in its own inventory, in integration with maritime, road and airway export and import, complete and partial logistics services.

"We also bear the responsibility of every cargo we carry..."



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