Palestine Transportation

Palestine Transportation


Palestine is an Arab state located in the Middle East, Western Asia, and the Canaan Region on the Mediterranean coast. Although the capital of Palestine has been designated as Jerusalem, due to Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine has been moved to Ramallah, in the West Bank. Palestinian territories were occupied by Egypt and Jordan before 1948, and have been occupied by Israel since 1967. The country, with a population of over 5 million, has been involved in conflicts with Israel for many years.

Although the state of Palestine has been recognized by 138 United Nations countries, the conflicts never cease. This results in an unstable country, mainly due to the ongoing conflicts with Israel. In Turkey, Palestine has been viewed with sympathy by certain segments for many years, and their struggle against Israel is considered just. Despite not reaching the desired level, trade relations are maintained due to being a Muslim country. Professional Palestinian shipping companies are needed for imports and exports, and our company has been providing reciprocal transportation services on the Turkey-Palestine route for years.

Since the first day we started providing services as AGL Forwarding, we have been carrying out transportation between Palestine and Turkey. We work with a team of experienced and dedicated experts in their fields. We use vehicles specifically designed for international logistics, with different models and well-maintained for various segments.

We carry out our transportation in the field of Palestine shipping according to ISO 9001 standards. With our C2 Certificate, Trademark Registration Certificate, and all other required national and international documents, we pick up your cargo from wherever you want and deliver it to the final recipient. We offer the following shipping types:

  • Palestine partial shipping,
  • Palestine full transportation,
  • Palestine dry cargo transportation,
  • Palestine flatbed transportation,
  • Palestine out-of-gauge transportation,
  • Palestine heavy transport,
  • Palestine refrigerated transport,
  • Palestine project transportation.

Palestine Partial Shipping

Security is an important factor in Palestine shipping applications. Even our citizens who will normally travel to Palestine can travel by obtaining an Israeli visa. Due to the military operations carried out by Israel, being in the region, conducting activities, and transportation involves risks. Therefore, cargoes to be sent to Palestine reach Israel’s Haifa Port via RORO from Mersin Port and are then transported to Jerusalem and other Palestinian regions.

In Palestine shipping activities, especially the process after reaching the destination port must be managed very well. Therefore, it is necessary to have strong agency networks there and be knowledgeable about regional details and procedures. Our company provides the best solutions in this area and exceeds customer expectations.

The cargoes we transport to Palestine can be in various sectors. Transportation of goods such as technology, food, medicine, and basic food products is highly demanded. Both individuals and institutions are highly interested in partial transportation.

With our Palestine partial shipping applications, we can deliver any partial cargo to its final recipients. No matter the amount of your cargo, we collect it at our warehouses in Turkey and move towards the recipient by loading it on certain days of the week.

We transport your cargoes most economically with partial shipping. Because in this model, instead of paying the rent for an entire vehicle, you pay rent only for the space occupied by your cargo. As you share the vehicle rental cost with other people, you reduce the cost.

In Palestine partial shipping, cargoes going to the same route are loaded onto the same vehicle, and no time is wasted in other places. The cargoes can be delivered to the final recipients in the shortest time possible.

Full Container Transportation to Palestine

Full transportation is one of the most demanded shipping types in the Palestinian transportation sector. In full transportation to Palestine, applications such as project transportation, heavy transportation, flatbed transportation, refrigerated transportation, and lowbed can be used. Vehicles are allocated according to the type of your cargo, and our vehicles can pick up your cargo from its location, make port-to-port transfers, and go to the final recipient’s address or the delivery location you desire.

If you have enough cargo to fill a vehicle, you can choose full transportation and request us to reserve the most suitable vehicle for you from our wide range of options.

Palestine Shipping Prices

Palestine shipping prices vary depending on the distance your cargo will travel with our vehicles, the characteristics of your goods, and the preferred shipping type. As a company, we always produce the highest quality and fastest transportation solutions between the two countries while offering the most affordable pricing. You can contact our call center at any time to get accurate pricing information.

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