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The Republic of Djibouti, officially known as the Djibouti Republic, is a country located in East Africa. This country, known in French as Djibouti, is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. The country has coastlines along the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden and is 20 kilometers away from Yemen. The capital of the country is Djibouti City, which has the same name as the country. Approximately 95% of the country’s population is Muslim, and its official languages are Arabic and French.

The number of companies providing services for Djibouti transportation operations is limited. A reliable and professional company should be chosen for transportation operations between Turkey and Djibouti. The distance between the two countries is significant, and this distance must be taken into account in transportation operations. Not only the distance but also the safety of the goods should be considered in transportation operations. There are security measures that must be taken for the goods transported between the two countries. These security measures must be taken in full, and the transportation operations must be successfully completed.

As a company, we carry out transportation operations between Turkey and Djibouti. While conducting transportation operations between the two countries, we work with our professional team. In our fully equipped transportation company, we implement various types of transportation. We determine the most suitable transportation vehicle and type for the goods to be transported. In this way, we complete our operations without any problems. You can also choose our company for reliable and professional transportation services and benefit from our Djibouti transportation operations.

Djibouti Partial Transportation

Many goods with different characteristics are transported to Djibouti. Suitable trucks are used for the goods transportation process. Various transportation types are used in Djibouti transportation operations. Among the transportation types, Djibouti partial transportation is the most preferred. The partial transportation type has its characteristics. Thanks to these features, the transportation type is preferred by both our company and the customer. Partial transportation, the most preferred among different transportation types, offers many advantages. First, the conditions to be met for partial transportation between the two countries must be fully met.

The transportation type called Partial Transportation is valid for goods moving on the same route. If goods belonging to different customers are moving on the same route, these goods can be transported in the same vehicle. The transportation of goods with the same vehicle on the same route is partial transportation. Our company is one of the successful names offering partial transportation services. Our team examines the goods to be transported and makes the partial transportation decision for suitable goods. Partial transportation is also known as piece transportation because multiple customer goods are transported in parts within the vehicle. Conditions to be met for partial transportation:

  • The transportation vehicle must be used jointly by multiple customers.
  • Goods must move on the same route.
  • Goods must have suitable features to be transported together.
  • Cargo owners must approve partial transportation.

As long as the required conditions are met, the transportation type can be easily applied. This transportation type implemented by our company offers some advantages. Some advantages of Djibouti partial transportation:

  • Saves time.
  • It is reliable.
  • It is affordable.

All security measures are taken in full for the time-saving Djibouti transportation type. In this way, partial transportation is carried out safely. Customers who prefer the partial transportation type are interested in this transportation type because it is affordable. Djibouti transportation operations, thanks to the jointly used vehicle, are more affordable than other transportation types.

Djibouti Transportation Prices

Djibouti transportation prices vary. Cargo owners want to get affordable services for the goods they will send to the country. Prices are determined based on specific factors. Different transportation types are used in transportation operations. The transportation types used have their characteristics. At the same time, the price may change depending on the characteristics of the goods being transported. Determining the correct prices for transportation operations between the two countries is essential. As a company, we take the following features into account to determine the right prices:

  • Type of goods to be transported
  • The quantity and weight of the goods to be transported
  • The transportation type used
  • Distance

Transportation details are determined based on the goods characteristics. The number of team members who will work according to the determined transportation details, the starting and destination points of the goods, distance, and time are adjusted. Suitable transportation conditions are provided for the goods. The price for the goods is determined based on the details. Our company always provides Djibouti transportation services at the right price range. You can also confidently choose our company to benefit from professional service at an affordable price.

Djibouti Port

Djibouti Port has been in operation since 1892. The port underwent significant changes during the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea that erupted in 1998. After Eritrea gained its independence, Ethiopia became a landlocked country and used the Port of Assab. When the war broke out between these two countries, Ethiopia had to conduct all its trade through the Port of Djibouti. Additionally, significant investments from the United Arab Emirates and Dubai Ports World (DPW) played a significant role in the port’s development. Dubai Ports World (the world’s 3rd largest port operator) has been managing the port since 2000.

The country has completed the construction of a new, more advanced port in Dorale, capable of accommodating 3rd generation ships. The Dorale port also includes a 20-hectare large free zone built with a $400 million investment. USAID stores food aid to be sent to Africa in this area. The oil terminal, which opened in 2006, cost $153 million.

Source: Wikipedia

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