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Air Transportation

Air transportation has become one of the most preferred types of transportation in recent years. Both buyers and sellers always want the logistics process to be completed as quickly and reliably as possible. Air transportation has become indispensable in the industry thanks to the advantages it provides, such as speed and security.


Technology affects not only every aspect of life but also transportation. Improvements in areas such as communication and finance have led to the need for more rapid handling of international needs. Therefore, many companies or individuals who want the continuity of their business request their cargo to be transported by air.


In air transportation, your belongings are transported via airplanes, and the cargo transported from airport to airport by airplanes can reach the most remote distances in a much shorter time. Our company combines years of knowledge and experience with modern equipment, and becomes a solution partner for its customers with the expertise it has gained in air transportation.


With our wide range of vehicles, expert personnel in their respective fields, and strong infrastructure, we take control of the process from the moment you contact us, plan the entire process, and help you complete your transportation requirements as quickly and easily as possible.

Fast and Secure Air Transportation

In the field of air transportation, we offer flexible solutions such as fast shipping and full aircraft charter to many parts of the world. We meet our customers’ expectations with the most cost-effective and highest-quality services. With our extensive agent network, we provide airport or door-to-door delivery advantages almost everywhere in the world.


The process in air transportation has a relatively simple operation. However, the operation includes significant differences from other types of transportation. The primary reasons for its preference are faster and more secure delivery of the product between the desired points.


The most crucial point in air transportation is the transportation of cargo from airport to airport by airplanes, and since the airplane is the fastest transportation vehicle, air transportation is also the fastest type of transportation. However, air freight transportation is often used not alone but in an integrated manner with other types of transportation.


Our company can be involved in the transportation process from the beginning to the end, depending on the demand. If you wish, we can pick up your cargo from its location by road. Then, we transport it to the airport and send it to the destination airport by airplane. Upon arrival at the airport, the recipient can either pick up the cargo or our agents can pick it up and deliver it to the final recipient by road. Depending on preference and location, not only road transportation but also sea transportation can be used.

Air Transport Cargo Types

All kinds of goods and products can be transported using air transportation. In general, we can say that the following service options are available:

Air Transportation Advantages

Air transportation has different types of transportation. The types of transportation vary depending on the characteristics of the cargo to be transported. General cargo refers to cargoes without any special privileges. Special cargo comes into play when special procedures are required for the cargo to be transported by air. Items are stacked and shipped in compliance with many rules. Dangerous goods transportation is prominent in the transportation of items containing flammable, explosive, or chemical products. It is an extremely risky type of transportation.


Air transportation, which is increasing in popularity every day and expanding our company’s service network, offers many advantages to its customers. The most significant advantage is the fastest delivery of items to the desired point. It is the ideal type of transportation for fragile goods that can break. The fast shipping time saves time for both the buyer and the seller. It allows for transportation services to be completed in a short period, such as 2-3 days, even between the most distant countries in the world. Consequently, insurance costs become more affordable.


Air transportation is the type of transportation with the lowest risks such as traffic accidents and theft. The moving process can be easily monitored. Our company provides all these advantages and more to its customers.

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