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Import Export Transportation

Import and export are among the most important concepts in the economy. Import is used for products that a country buys from other countries, while export is used for products that a country sells to other countries. Both can be referred to under the name of foreign trade transactions. Foreign trade transactions are vital for national economies. The presence of foreign trade activity indicates the vitality of a country’s economy, while its absence indicates stagnation.


To eliminate potential disputes in international trade and to prevent legal conflicts, the United Nations and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) have made some regulations and set rules in purchasing and selling transactions. In this way, the loss of time and money for both buyers and sellers is minimized.


During import and export process, a written contract demonstrating the obligations and rights of the parties can be made for the resolution of potential disputes between the parties. This contract, which is quite common, binds both parties and serves as evidence in case of any disagreement. One of the most important requirements in import and export activities is transportation, and our company has been among the industry leaders for years, proudly contributing to the national economy and the world economy.

Types of Import Export Transportation

Import and export transportation is a comprehensive and specialized service. First and foremost, to operate in this field, one must have national and international certificates and documents. Our company continues its path as a corporate company with all necessary documents in this field.

Import and export transportation is carried out by various methods. Most often, goods are moved between countries with vast distances, and significant changes in property occur every time. Depending on the nature of the goods, sometimes they need to be transported with extreme care, and sometimes, there is a race against time. Therefore, different transportation methods are used depending on the type and characteristics of the cargo. The main transportation methods used in import and export transportation are:

Road Transportation

It is the transportation done by road, overland. It is usually used in operations carried out between neighboring countries. However, thanks to the improvement of both the vehicles used and the roads in recent years, road transportation can be carried out even between very distant countries. It is faster and more expensive than sea transportation. It is the most preferred type of transportation because the goods can be picked up from the desired point and delivered to the desired point by road.

Sea Transportation

One of the oldest types of transportation is sea transportation. It is especially useful for the cost-effective transportation of large-tonnage products over long distances. As an old transportation type, its legal aspects are quite developed. It has its own rules. Sea transportation continues to be carried out mainly in two branches: container transportation and bulk loading.

Air Transportation

While being the fastest and safest transportation type, it is also the most expensive. Nevertheless, air transportation can be preferred for urgent cargo, cargo with high material value, dangerous cargo, and cargo with very long distances.

Rail Transportation

It is widely used in countries with developed railway networks. The most basic requirement is the presence of a railway.

Combined Transportation

Also known as intermodal transportation, combined transportation involves using at least two of the road, sea, air, or railway transportation methods together. It is widely preferred among import and export transportation. The proximity of our country to European and Asian countries and being surrounded by seas on three sides enables the extensive integration of sea and road transportation.

Turnkey Import Export Transportation

Our company provides all kinds of support in the field of import and export transportation. It can assist in the entire organization, including exporting the product, customs clearance, transportation, and distribution. With our experienced staff within our organization, we ensure the fastest flow of documents, handle customs clearance processes in the shortest time possible without issues, and produce turnkey solutions.

Import Export Transportation Prices

One of the most curious aspects of import and export transportation is the cost. Naturally, every company wants to minimize logistics costs. For this reason, they do research. Transportation prices in import and export transportation vary according to certain factors. Therefore, a price offer is created based on the job, not a fixed price policy.

The distance is the most fundamental factor in determining transportation prices, and the distance between the pickup point and the delivery point is taken into account. The type of transportation and the characteristics of the cargo are other factors. Our company always brings the best service at the most affordable prices.

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