Dubai Transportation

Dubai Transportation

Dubai Transportation Services

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, one of the richest countries in the world, and one of the seven emirates. It has become one of the most frequently mentioned cities in recent years. With the famous Burj Khalifa tower, it has become a tourism center preferred by world-famous stars and wealthy businessmen.

In recent times, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey have significantly intensified their commercial activities. Dubai has an extremely important role in this trade. This is because companies established here meet all their import needs from countries like Turkey. Our company provides a crucial service in meeting these needs. In recent years, the fact that many companies export to important cities like Dubai has paved the way for our company to carry out significant work between the two countries.

There is a traffic of millions of products between our country and Dubai every year. Some of these products are transported by our company to both countries. Our company, which continues to grow in the sector of Dubai transportation and logistics services, has made significant contributions to the growth of trade volume between Turkey and Dubai, especially with its commercial voyages in recent years.

Dubai Transportation Solutions

Due to geographical features, transportation between Dubai and Turkey can only be done by sea and air. One of the most preferred transportation methods and routes worldwide is container ships by sea. In addition, air transport is preferred for faster product delivery in urgent requests and needs. Products placed and stored inside airplanes are quickly delivered from Turkey to Dubai.

Our company has become an extremely important commercial bridge between Dubai and Turkey in this regard. Shipping by ship is one of the most preferred types of transportation today. Sea transport, where partial, combined, and full transportation types are most easily performed, is not only the most preferred route between Turkey and Dubai but also worldwide.

Dubai has recently become one of the important and popular cities where many Turkish restaurants have opened. The increasingly popular city in recent years is dependent on imports in terms of food, as it is part of the United Arab Emirates on the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, various grains and food products are brought here almost every day from Turkey by ships and airplanes. Turkish restaurants in the area import their fresh and daily products from Turkey by air transport. Dubai, which experiences a high tourism boom, is a city that constantly needs the logistics sector. With few companies organizing trips from our country to this region, working with the best quality company becomes essential for businesses and firms in both countries.

The maritime transportation between Dubai and Turkey takes an average of 10 days. We successfully complete this process and deliver your products to their destinations on time and reliably. With the help of our Ro-Ro vehicles, we ship your products from Turkey to Dubai. Ships departing from the Iskenderun port reach the Duba Port located on the Arabian Peninsula through the Suez Canal, and customs procedures begin through this port.

Dubai Transportation Types

With our Dubai partial transportation applications, we store your piece cargoes from all regions of Turkey. On certain days of the week, we move from our warehouses to send them to Dubai. In this way, we offer you professional services for sending your cargoes, whatever their weight, quantity, and volume, to Dubai. Cargoes going to the same route are loaded into the same containers. If you do not have cargoes that need to be sent urgently, you can save time with partial transportation and send your cargoes quickly to Dubai.

AGL Forwarding carries out transportation and logistics operations on the most reliable routes worldwide when transporting from Turkey to Dubai. Our company, which has reliable, professional, and high-quality transportation options, primarily focuses on the safety and professional transportation of your products. You can contact us to benefit from the quality logistics services offered by our company.

Dubai Ports

There are 8 ports that can be preferred for exports from Turkey to Dubai. These are;

  • Ajman
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Al Dhafra
  • Das Island
  • Dibba
  • Arzanah Island
  • Ahmed Bin Rashid Port
  • Abu Al Bukhoosh

Many different commercial activities are ongoing between our country and Dubai in various sectors. Our company provides services to its customers in all transportation types between the two countries. We offer services from Turkey to Dubai with types such as Ro-Ro, combined, partial, and complete transportation. With our Dubai transportation services, we collect your bulk and piece cargoes from all regions of Turkey and bring them to our warehouses. Then we set out for Dubai.

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