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Heavy Cargo Transportation

Heavy cargo transportation is a special transportation method. The reason for using this service is that the goods requested for delivery are too large to fit in vehicles such as trucks or vans. With this method, goods of significant size and weight are transported. In short, these abnormal goods are shipped using special methods. The transportation process of this non-standard goods requires meticulous work. Therefore, a team of experts must manage the process to ensure safe transportation. During this process, many factors must be taken into account.

Heavy cargo transportation refers to the transport method using specially designed tractors and trailers (Lowbed) when goods are too large and heavy to be loaded onto standard trucks.

When is Heavy Cargo Transportation Used ?

Heavy cargo transportation is preferred in special situations, as it is not related to standard goods. For this reason, transportation companies that do not operate on a large scale cannot undertake this transportation method. Special trailers have been produced for the purpose of transporting non-standard goods. Due to the potential damage to the road caused by transporting non-standard weight goods with vehicles like tanks, vehicles within the scope of heavy goods transportation are preferred. Additionally, these vehicles can ship related goods faster than others, making the transportation process more convenient. However, it is important to note that there is a loading limit on road transportation, which is set at 150 tons. For goods exceeding this limit, sea transportation can be used. Within this scope, there are special ships used for the heavy goods transportation method.

Goods Transported in Heavy Cargo Transportation

Goods within the scope of heavy cargo transportation are non-standard goods. Some of the goods involved in this transportation type are listed below.

Within this scope;

And various other non-standard heavy cargoes can be transported.

Factors to Consider in Heavy Cargo Transportation

The goal of heavy cargo transportation is to deliver the goods in question to the desired point on time and without damage. One of the most important factors in this regard is the vehicle used. Heavy transportation vehicles used in this transportation method are of great importance. These vehicles can carry non-standard goods thanks to their trailers. Issues such as height and loading limit, loading and unloading, and maneuverability are resolved with these vehicles. With these vehicles, non-standard height or weight goods can pass through challenging points such as tunnels and bridges without any problems. Heavy transportation vehicles with trailers and hydraulic sliding ramps can transport non-standard weight and size goods quickly and without damage.


Another important issue in this transportation method is the drivers of the vehicles. These drivers must have the relevant documents and significant experience. This experience refers to the driver being experienced in vehicle usage and having comprehensive knowledge about the road. Another crucial issue in heavy cargo transportation is the road route. The technical team must work meticulously on this issue. The main goal here is to deliver the goods without any damage to the delivery point. In this context, every potential issue on the route that may damage the goods must be investigated. As a result, precautions for difficulties or setbacks can be taken by the companies. In addition to factors such as vehicle, driver, and route reporting, heavy cargo transportation service providers must also deal with storage, disassembly and assembly, and insurance processes.


Experienced companies should be preferred to ensure the smooth and timely execution of heavy cargo transportation, which is an important transportation method. Otherwise, the transported goods may be damaged, and the delivery time may not be met. The relevant companies must accurately analyze the goods to be transported and shape all other processes accordingly. For this, experienced companies and, therefore, experienced and knowledgeable teams are needed. Our company has the experience and capacity to provide all the services needed in heavy cargo transportation and has vehicles capable of carrying goods of various sizes and weights. Our company complies with regulations to deliver your goods without damage and on time to the relevant places.

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