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Maritime Transportation

As AGL Forwarding, we bring you a unique experience in maritime transportation. We provide connections from all ports of the world and our country to other ports where you plan to carry out maritime transportation, and with our logistics team grown from the ground up, we continue to be one of the most exclusive addresses in maritime transportation. With our transparent pricing policies, we bring you the highest quality and professional maritime transportation services at the most economical service standards without leaving room for possible surprises.

Maritime transportation, which is composed of the most important components of the timing, patience, and dedication triangle, are transfers carried out from port to port over the seas. These maritime transfers are quite important for international trade, ensuring that products reach their desired destination at the desired time. As AGL Forwarding, with weekly regular departures, we meticulously carry out your FCL and LCL (partial) transactions with the right timing. We transfer the most suitable maritime transportation for you from port to port with our expert team.

Partial Maritime Shipping

Our company, which provides partial shipping services, offers you many options in maritime transportation. The process of transferring products, belongings, and goods of different customers to the same transportation vehicle in a practical way, with deliveries on the same route, is called partial shipping. Maritime transportation generally proceeds on two main systems. They are named FCL container operation and LCL, which is a partial container operation. These two different transportation methods, whose main purpose is to deliver cargo from one port to another, are separated from each other in terms of goods sharing shape and conditions. As AGL Forwarding, which never compromises on quality, we provide consultancy services on your logistics needs, carry out the transportation operation you find suitable for your requests, needs, and demands, and offer reliable services.

Full Container Loading

Considering that there are approximately 5,000 ports worldwide, only about 100 of these ports are significant in the international market. These ports are quite important in the world finance market and the economic stage. While there are so many ports used for maritime transportation, it is not quite possible to provide mutual or direct partial services in all of them. For this reason, transshipment ports, which have an important place in the global market and are called “HUB” ports, are used. As AGL Forwarding, we bring you the most equipped services in full container transportation, ensuring that your goods reach the transshipment ports in the most practical way and are serviced to the destination ports. Our company, which offers express and fast solutions, also carries out land transportations, excluding the “RORO” route. Our company, which offers you the most exclusive applications of full container transportation possibilities, brings together all types of transportation such as maritime, land, air, and railway transportation, and creates an integrated cargo service network. As AGL Forwarding, the address of expert experiences in full container transportation, we closely monitor all transportation processes using the latest technology devices and provide quality services.

Combined Transportation

As the name suggests, combined transportation refers to the transportation of goods belonging to only one customer. Our company AGL Forwarding, which deals with all operations from A to Z in full container transportation, which involves loading onto private vehicles and offers a more personalized service, provides services to its customers with the right infrastructure, experienced team, and secure transportation processes. The combined option, which can be transported with open vehicles and various container types, is often preferred as a transportation option due to the many conveniences it provides for customers. Our company, which brings together the most important operation services of the transportation sector, never compromises on trust, quality, and customer satisfaction. Combined transportation operations, which are the latest trends in the maritime transportation sector, are frequently preferred nowadays due to the much lower costs they provide in terms of transportation and distance compared to other types, thanks to being combined.

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