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Full loading is one of the most preferred types of transportation in international shipping operations, and our company has been meeting the full loading needs in the best way since day one. In international literature, full loading is referred to as FTL. FTL is an abbreviation of the initials of Full Truck Loading.

Full loading is the name given to the transportation of a company’s cargo alone, with a single transport vehicle. It can be easily said that it is one of the most advantageous types of transportation in terms of speed, security, and price. In full loading, your cargo does not undergo transshipment and handling like in some other transportations. The vehicle does not wait to find other goods to hit the road, as in partial transportation. The most suitable vehicle for the goods is chosen, and after the loading is done at the location of the goods and the paperwork is handled, it sets off directly towards the customer.

Vehicle Types Used in Full Loading

Many different vehicles can be used during full loading. The choice of vehicle is determined according to the quantity, type, volume, etc., of the goods. One of the most preferred vehicles at this point is the van. Vans with a maximum loading weight not exceeding 3500 kg and 2 axles can carry goods between 1500-1750 kg.

6-wheel trucks are another vehicle used in complete transportation and are 2-axle vehicles with a maximum loaded weight not exceeding 7500 kg. Excluding the weight of the body, they have a carrying capacity of 3500-4000 kg. 10-wheel trucks have a maximum loaded weight not exceeding 25,000 kg and are 3-axle vehicles. Excluding the weight of the body, their carrying capacity is approximately 15,000 kg.

40-foot trucks are 4-axle vehicles with a net carrying capacity of 20,000 kg. The body lengths are between 790-820 cm. 40-foot trucks are especially used in open-body transportation.

Trucks are the most preferred vehicle type in the full loading field and are an abbreviation of the words Transports Internationux Routiers, meaning International Road Transportation. It is the name given to 5-axle vehicles with a net carrying capacity of 25,000 kg.

As a company, we always strive to provide the most suitable solutions for our customers’ needs and supply vehicles as needed in our full loading services. With our extensive fleet of vehicles, we safely deliver your goods to any desired location.

Advantages of Full Loading

Full loading offers many advantages together. Some of them can be listed as:


Full loading is the most affordable option among road transport options in terms of price. If you have enough cargo to completely fill one of the vehicle models mentioned above, you can choose the full loading method without hesitation. In this way, your cargo will reach from the seller to the buyer with the most affordable price advantage.


Full loading is the fastest field among transportation types. If you have a hurry in terms of speed, your first choice should be complete transportation. Your goods do not wait in the warehouse. They are not exposed to handling. They don’t wait for other partial goods to be found. As soon as the loading is finished, the vehicle hits the road and moves towards the final recipient’s address. In this respect, it is the most advantageous type of transportation in terms of time-saving.


Full loading also provides flexibility. In partial transportation, it is preferred to goods the same type and same loading type of goods onto the same vehicle. More selective behavior is adopted. However, in full loading, goods in any packaging, such as barrels, pallets, cans, drums, big bag sacks, IBC tanks, or bulk goods can be successfully transported. In this way, whatever the type and packaging of your goods, you can transport it with full loading.

Low Damage and Loss

In other types of transportation, your products are subject to transshipment and handling at different points. As the number of transshipments and handling increases, rates of loss, damage, and incorrect deliveries also increase. However, since your goods are not exposed to these in complete transportation, the probability of damage and loss is minimized.

Professional Full Loading Company

As a company in the field of full loading, we are always ambitious. We have managed to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level in all the operations we have carried out to date. We continue our work with the same determination and commitment. Our most fundamental feature that distinguishes us in the industry is our staff.

We work with a dedicated team, each of whom is educated, highly knowledgeable, and constantly improving themselves in their field. From our call center to our field staff, we try to respond to our customers’ expectations in the best possible way. We provide the most suitable vehicle from our young and extensive fleet of vehicles. We evaluate the notifications reaching us promptly and direct our vehicles as soon as possible. We combine all these privileges with the most affordable price advantages.


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