Alexandria Transportation

Alexandria Transportation


There has been a long-standing trade between our country and Egypt. This trade is conducted through international transportation and logistics companies, primarily by sea and also by air. Alexandria, one of Egypt’s major port cities, is among the port cities where the most exports are made from our country. Alexandria, one of the world’s significant port cities, is an essential city where exports are made from Turkey. Thanks to the trade between both countries, many companies have increased their brand value and have become global brands. Forwarder companies, which play a crucial role in carrying out these operations, are performing significant work. AGL Forwarding, experienced in Alexandria transportation services, is heavily involved in transportation between Egypt and Turkey.

In this sense, our company serves an essential duty in import and export activities between both countries. Our company, which is well-versed in all rules regarding cargo transportation from Turkey to Alexandria, i.e., Egypt – Alexandria, offers professional services with various transportation options in international transportation. Thanks to the services provided by our company, you can securely send your cargo to any region of the world.

Alexandria Transportation Solutions

Our company, an experienced forwarder in the logistics sector, offers a serious service opportunity, especially for cargoes going from our country to port cities. In recent years, our company, which carries cargo to many countries, has become one of the logistics services that provide reliable and high-quality services to its customers in cargo transportation to African countries, where they are experienced. Our company, which has proven itself in the industry, always offers essential services for the development of its sector and for many companies in our country to open up to the world and export. We offer budget-friendly logistics services using many different transportation options and various transport routes. After our company receives your cargo, it delivers it securely to the address you want to send it within the promised time frame. Our service process starts when you reach our contact number and inform us about the type of your cargo. First, we decide in which transportation type your cargo will be transported. Then we start our services for other processes. You can contact us to take advantage of the professional logistics services offered by our company.

Our company, which has a presence in the international arena regarding transportation solutions, provides services in accordance with security and international transportation rules. In recent years, our company has carried out a high number of shipments and logistics trips between Turkey and African countries. Our company offers transportation solutions to numerous companies, especially in relations between Egypt and Turkey. We have become one of the most preferred logistics companies in the sector, satisfying our customers with affordable and high-quality logistics solutions. Our company maintains its services between Turkey and Egypt seamlessly with all types of transportation. If you want to take advantage of the quality services offered by our company, you can contact us.

Alexandria Transportation Prices

Our company, which offers logistics services from our country to almost all continents in the world, provides professional services with budget-friendly pricing options. International transportation prices are influenced and change due to many factors. The weight of your cargo, the type of your cargo, the transportation method used, the distance between countries, and many other factors are among the elements affecting Alexandria transportation prices. You can choose our company for budget-friendly, professional, and guaranteed logistics services. Our company offers professional transportation services to our valued customers with partial transportation, ship transportation, container transportation, heavy cargo transportation, and Ro-Ro transportation types. You can contact us to take advantage of the services offered by our company. With its experienced and friendly staff, our company serves you with all its logistics operations.

Our company, which continues its services in the international logistics sector, maintains its activities in all transportation areas professionally. Our company, which meets all logistics requirements of its customers, continues its services in the sector with the following transportation types;

  • Partial transportation,
  • Full transportation,
  • Combined transportation,
  • Refrigerated transportation,
  • Ro-Ro transportation,
  • Heavy cargo transportation,
  • Ship and container transportation.

It serves its valued customers with many transportation types. In the logistics sector, we respond to the requests and demands of our customers in these areas. We always offer reliable and high-quality services with all our transportation solutions. We provide uninterrupted Alexandria transportation services with our professional, experienced, and expert staff teams. You can contact us to take advantage of the services of our company, which provides reliable and dedicated services between Turkey and Egypt.

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