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Partial Transportation Services

Partial transportation is also known as less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation. The term “partial” is derived from the English word “partial” and means incomplete, not encompassing the whole, or partial. In the transportation sector, partial transportation refers to allocating a vehicle to multiple senders.


Partial transportation, also known as LTL transportation, stands for “Less Than Truck Load” and means “less than a full trailer load.” The cargo from multiple senders in the same location is loaded onto the same vehicle and delivered to numerous recipients in the same location.

Types of Partial Transportation

Although partial transportation is often associated with road transportation, it is not a type of transportation specific to road transportation only. Partial transportation can also be preferred as a sub-model of transportation types such as sea, air, and rail transportation. In this regard, we can list the types of partial transportation as follows:

Partial Sea Transportation

If partial transportation is carried out by sea, either container transportation or bulk cargo transportation options can be used. As international transportation is mostly preferred by sea, partial cargo transportation is naturally preferred, and our country being surrounded by seas on three sides and having many ports promotes partial transportation for partial cargoes to be sent to distant countries. Moreover, sea partial transportation is 20 times cheaper than air transportation, 10 times cheaper than road transportation, and 5 times cheaper than rail transportation. Therefore, if the facilities allow, sea partial transportation is highly preferred.

Partial Road Transportation

It is the most preferred transportation model both in our country and worldwide. Road transportation is the first thing that comes to mind when Partial Transportation is mentioned. The ability to reach everywhere by road and the use of different types of vehicles are the factors that promote road Partial Transportation. In addition, our country’s geographical location is very suitable for road partial transportation to European, Asian, and African countries.

Partial Rail Transportation

Partial transportation is also used in railways. It is an extremely economical and environmentally friendly type of transportation. However, the impossibility of door-to-door delivery service is its biggest disadvantage. Therefore, it cannot be used everywhere. Transportation times can be long, and in places where the railway network is not very developed, it cannot stand out much.

Partial Air Transportation

Partial transportation can also be used in air transportation. Air transportation stands out as a much faster transportation model with a lower damage rate. Especially for valuable, urgent, small-volume, and low-weight goods, air partial transportation can be preferred.

Partial Transportation Advantages

Partial transportation offers many advantages together. Therefore, it is one of the most preferred types of transportation from both our company and the entire sector. The main advantages provided by the model can be listed as follows:


In Partial Transportation, unit transportation costs are taken into account. For this reason, it is considered the most economical transportation model after complete transportation in the sector. When evaluated in terms of general transportation costs, it is the most affordable type of transportation. Because in partial transportation, you only pay for the space your goods occupies. Since the vehicle rental fee is shared by multiple people, it is much more suitable for those with a small amount of cargo than paying the rental fee for an entire vehicle.


Partial Transportation is also convenient in terms of time savings. Goods going to the same route are loaded onto the same vehicle. Therefore, after the vehicle sets off, it goes directly to the delivery addresses on the route. Since it does not stop at other places, it reaches the recipient addresses in the shortest time and makes the delivery. One of the important points here is the departure time. Departures are from the warehouses on certain days of the week, and the departure interval for each country is not the same. If your cargo leaves the warehouse the day it arrives or the next day, it will reach the recipient very quickly.


With Partial Transportation, you can receive services regardless of the quantity of your cargo. You can transport your products in all kinds of packaging, such as pallets, bulk, drums, tanks, and bags.

Partial Transportation Price Calculation

In the partial transportation price calculation, both the volume and the weight of your cargo are taken into account. The volume is obtained by multiplying the length, width, and height values. In addition, it is important in the calculation that your goods can be stacked on top of each other. If you wish, you can contact our company to get a net price offer and have a high-quality and fast service at an affordable price.

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