Qatar Transportation

Qatar Transportation

Relations of Turkey and Qatar

Qatar is one of the countries with good relations with Turkey. The commercial and diplomatic relations between Turkey and Qatar are well-known worldwide. As Turkey and Qatar are brother countries, the trade volume between the two countries is quite high. Many companies from various sectors such as industry, agriculture, defense industry, and others send products from Turkey to Qatar. Qatar is located on the Arabian aid island, and due to its underground riches, it is not possible to grow fruits and vegetables in the country. Therefore, it is a country dependent on imports for food. Even though it is a wealthy country, its people meet their nutritional needs through products coming from Turkey.

Turkey and Qatar relations have always been good since ancient times. These relations have contributed to the growth of the trade volume between the two countries. Therefore, thousands of containers of goods and cargo are sent from our country to the Qatar Peninsula and the country of Qatar every year. Similarly, millions of products are brought from Qatar to our country every year. This situation is an indicator of how trade has developed between the two countries. However, logistics companies also contribute to the development of trade between the two countries.

Qatar Shipping Services

Qatar, one of the richest countries in the Arabian Peninsula, is also one of the smallest countries. It is the smallest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It is also known as the Arab country with the lowest population. Nevertheless, it is one of the richest countries in the region. Our company is one of the logistics companies organizing frequent trips between Turkey and Qatar. Particularly, our Qatar shipping services include sea and air transport, which are the most preferred transportation methods between the two countries. We transport your cargo from Turkey to Qatar professionally, reliably, and with high quality using all shipping types. We offer you 7/24 service with all our shipping solutions.

Underground riches in Qatar prevent the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in the country. This situation causes Qatar to be a dependent country in terms of food supplies. Qatar meets all its food supplies from Turkey, one of the developed countries in the field of vegetables, fruits, and agriculture. We provide the transportation services for these products from Turkey to Qatar in a reliable manner. You can contact us to take advantage of our professional logistics services.

Turkey – Qatar Shipping Process

Turkey and Qatar are two countries that have established very good relations in recent years. For this reason, various products and goods such as industry, defense industry, food, raw materials are sent from Turkey to Qatar every year. It is beneficial to work with quality logistics companies during the process of sending these goods. As soon as you, our valued customers, apply to our company, we offer you a good price quote. After offering the price quote, we start working as soon as you accept our offer. Sea transport is generally preferred for products sent from Turkey to Qatar. Products are loaded onto ships through port cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, and Iskenderun to be sent on their way. The transportation process is carried out safely and with high quality.

Turkey – Qatar Logistics Services and Types of Transportation

We continue to provide our international shipping services with quality to ensure the development of the logistics sector and our company’s place at the top in the industry. Unlike many companies in recent years, we offer our customers both guaranteed and affordable international logistics services. While offering our international logistics services to our valued customers, we prefer the following types of transportation;

  • Refrigerated transport
  • Ro-Ro transportation
  • Heavy goods transportation
  • Ship and container transportation
  • Partial transportation
  • Full transportation
  • Combined transportation

Turkey – Qatar International Logistics Solutions

Our company, which has been providing services in the international logistics sector for many years, attaches great importance to customer satisfaction by offering professional services to its valued customers. If you need international logistics services, you can contact our company to get information about our services.

In recent years, many companies from Turkey have been working hard and putting in a lot of effort to become global brands. These companies need logistics companies that provide high-security and quality services to open up to the world and sell and send their products to various geographies. Our company is one of the firms offering the most professional services in this sense.

AGL Forwarding, which has become one of the companies providing quality services to its customers, has a structure that values customer satisfaction and all other corporate values. Therefore, the services offered by our company are of utmost importance. We are one of the companies that contribute to the increase in trade volume between Turkey and Qatar. If you want to benefit from the professional services offered by our company, you can contact us.

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