Libya Transportation

Libya Transportation


Our company, which provides logistics services from Turkey to Libya, carries out these activities on a regular basis in a professional manner. We organize shipments and voyages to Libya regularly through our major port cities such as Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin, Antalya, and Iskenderun. As one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey, we offer professional services to our valued customers with Libya partial transportation, full transportation, combined transportation, container transportation, and Ro-Ro transportation types.

We are a professional company in Libya transportation services with our technological equipment and facilities located in port areas in Turkey. We provide services to our customers in a systematic manner. We prefer ports in Istanbul for our voyages and carry out our Libya transportation services on a regular basis.

Within our company, we carry out partial, full, and combined shipments to Libya with our vehicles, as well as partial shipments with container ships. In our maritime partial shipments, we use our extensive agency network to offer professional services to our valued customers. We constantly inform you with our information flow. You can also find out the status of your shipments through our advanced technological systems. Due to its geographical location, Libya is one of the countries suitable for transportation by sea and air. Therefore, we carry out our work through these routes.

Libya Transportation Solutions

Libya is one of the countries where we provide transportation services and carry cargo. Some of Africa’s most advanced ports are located in Libya. Algeria and Libya have important port cities in Africa. Our company prefers port cities in Libya and Algeria when providing transportation services to Africa. We generally unload products to all African countries either through these addresses or through the Port of Alexandria in Egypt.

As AGL Forwarding, we have all the necessary information and equipment about the process while providing transportation services to African countries. We provide transportation services to this country through specific routes. For many years, we have been providing logistics services to companies exporting from our country to Libya. Our company is one of the major logistics companies organizing voyages to Africa.

You can contact us for information about the services provided by our company. Our company, which always offers affordable and high-quality transportation solutions, provides you with the opportunity to track your shipments to their destination. We offer this opportunity to our valued customers with our high-tech vehicles.

Transportation Activities Between Libya and Turkey

Libya and Turkey are countries that trade in almost all sectors. The trade volume between the two countries is quite large. Our company ensures that its valued customers receive professional services by providing high-quality services in this regard. Due to its geographical location, a significant amount of trade and exports are carried out from many parts of the world and our country to this country, where international transportation is provided by sea.

Africa, which Turkey has focused on trade in recent years, is one of the continents included in the studies. Our company, which continues its activities in cooperation with logistics companies located in Libya, is one of the most preferred logistics companies by its customers.

International Transportation Services

We effectively offer our transportation solutions to our valued customers through our agent networks in various regions of the world. No matter where in the world, we deliver your cargo and products to the country you want to deliver them to, using the most suitable transportation method, in a reliable manner. While our company always provides quality services to our valued customers, it carries out these services within the framework of customer satisfaction. If you want to benefit from our company’s services, you can contact us. You can also visit our website to get detailed information about our company.

Transportation Processes – Types of Transportation

The small number of companies in our country that provide logistics services and organize shipments to African countries leads many exporting companies to be pessimistic. However, our company, one of the highest-quality logistics companies in our country, offers you a quality transportation service in international markets. If you are looking for a good logistics company to send products to Libya, we offer affordable and high-quality transportation services to our valued customers.

We continue our international transportation services in a high-quality manner for the development of the logistics sector and our company’s leading position in the sector. Unlike many companies in recent years, we offer our customers both guaranteed and affordable international logistics services. While providing our international logistics services to our valued customers, we prefer the following types of transportation;

  • Heavy cargo transportation,
  • Ship and container transportation,
  • Partial transportation,
  • Full transportation,
  • Combined transportation,
  • Refrigerated transportation,
  • Ro-Ro transportation,

Our company, which has been providing services in the international logistics sector for many years, attaches great importance to customer satisfaction in a professional manner. If you need international logistics services, you can contact our company and get information about our services.

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