Israel Transportation

Israel Transportation


Israel, a Middle Eastern country, is also the most developed country in the region. Although the relations between Turkey and Israel experience ups and downs from time to time, they always remain at a certain level or higher. Companies from various sectors in Turkey and Israel engage in mutual imports and exports, requiring the services of professional Israel transportation companies in the process.

Since the first day we were founded as AGL Forwarding, we have been providing transportation services between Israel and Turkey, and developing solutions to best meet the needs of our customers. Together with our expert team, we plan and execute our transportation processes in the best way possible, helping your growth.

Many products are requested to be transported between Turkey and Israel. The leading export products include passenger cars, iron and steel products, insulated cables, and wires. Among the imported products, propylene polymers, petroleum oils, and electrical energy stand out.

Our Israel transportation operations are conducted in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards, with C2 Certification, and Brand Registration Certificate. We accept cargo from all over Turkey and deliver it to the final recipient’s address in Israel. The main services we offer at this point include:

  • Partial transportation,
  • Full transportation,
  • Tarpaulin-covered dry cargo transportation,
  • Flatbed transportation,
  • Oversize cargo transportation,
  • Heavy transportation, etc.

Israel Partial Transportation

Israel transportation activities are carried out between our Mersin Port and Haifa Port. Our RORO services departing from Mersin arrive at Israel’s Haifa Port, and after the completion of customs procedures, they are delivered to the final recipient’s address. The main cities we serve with our Israel transportation services include Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, Netanya, Jaffa, Safed, Herzliya, Jerusalem, Eilat, and more.

We provide various types of transportation services to Israel, with partial transportation being the most prominent. With our Israel partial transportation services, we transport your partial goods, regardless of the quantity of your cargo, facilitating your business with your Israeli partners and enabling you to send shipments.

In our Israel transportation services, your partial goods are collected in our warehouses and accumulated on certain days of the week for regular loading. Goods of multiple customers on the same route are loaded onto the same vehicle and set off towards the delivery address, with our services such as road partial transportation and sea partial transportation being shaped according to the need.

Our Israel partial transportation services provide several advantages, making it the most preferred Israel transportation service. The main advantage is the opportunity to load any partial goods. Moreover, you only pay the freight charges for your goods, and instead of paying the rent for the whole vehicle, you only pay the rental fee for the space your goods occupies. This minimizes your transportation costs. Since only goods going to the same route are loaded onto the same vehicle, there is no time loss, and your goods can reach their recipients as quickly as possible.

While choosing a partial transportation company, one should be extremely cautious, and work with experienced companies with a high level of knowledge. We demonstrate the necessary sensitivity with our professional staff and promise a flawless partial transportation experience.

Israel Full Container Transportation

One of the most preferred services in the Israel transportation field is full transportation. Full transportation can be carried out with different vehicles and different types of goods. Project transportation, lowbed, heavy transportation, flatbed transportation, and refrigerated transportation can be considered within the scope of full transportation.

Unlike partial transportation, in full transportation, a vehicle is allocated only to one customer. If you have enough goods to fill an entire vehicle, the best option for you will be full transportation. In full transportation, our vehicles pick up your goods from their current location on the scheduled day and time, and after official procedures, they head towards Israel. After the customs procedures in Israel, our deliveries are made to the final recipient’s address. The most suitable vehicle allocation is made based on the type, loading method, quantity, and other characteristics of your goods, and our shipments are carried out.

Affordable Israel Transportation

The main factors that make our company stand out in the Israel transportation field are our quality, reliable, fast, healthy, and affordable transportation services. While calculating our transportation prices, certain factors are taken into account, and our price offer is formed based on the information you provide to our customer services.

In determining Israel transportation prices, details such as the distance between the pickup address of your goods and the delivery address, the freight values of your goods, and the preferred transportation type are decisive. Our company always helps meet your transportation needs at the most affordable prices.

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