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Lashing Services

Within the scope of constantly changing and developing modern technology standards, general transportation services, which have a very important position, are found in various styles and contents in the markets. Basic transportation operations, which enable any technical product or materials to be transported from point A to point B very quickly and effectively during the day, are also very popular in our country, Turkey, as in many different regions of the world. There are many different technical service options within the scope of general transportation works.

Lashing services, which are very popular today, stand out as an indispensable part of basic transportation services. Derived from the English word “Lash,” which means securing and tying, Lashing operations provide significant protection against possible tipping and swaying during the mentioned transportation services.

Professional Level Container Lashing Services

Lashing applications, which have a very critical position in our modern age, are especially important in the context of container transportation services. Lashing services, a popular logistics application not only worldwide but also in our country, Turkey, are implemented within our AGL Forwarding brand. Our company, which stands out with its high-quality and successful technical service standards in highway services, is also known for prioritizing overall customer satisfaction above all other criteria.

Our AGL Forwarding brand, which stands out with its effective technical service standards at a professional level in road transport and container transportation services, offers:

High-Quality Partial Transportation and Full Transportation Services

Basic transportation services implemented by professional institutions and organizations in our country, Turkey, as in many different parts of the world today, appear in many different styles and qualities. Partial transportation and full transportation works, which are among the most popular technical logistics services in our modern age, fill a significant gap in the sector. Partial transportation services, a popular shipping method, involve transporting various items, products, and goods for different customers along the same route using the same transportation vehicle.

Our AGL Forwarding brand, which stands out with its high-quality and competent technical logistics services in both partial transportation services and Lashing works, is known for its uninterrupted shipping operations 24/7. Our company, which also has a business website that can be accessed easily and quickly during the day, prioritizes the overall satisfaction level of its valuable customers above all other commercial concerns.

Direct Service-Oriented Technical Combined Transportation Services

Our AGL Forwarding brand, which stands out with its high-quality and effective technical service standards in professional Lashing services as well as many different technical logistics works in our modern age, also stands out with its directly service-oriented operations. Our company, which continues uninterrupted technical service options focused on direct customer satisfaction in addition to all these services, also contains many different communication channels under the business umbrella. During the day, it is possible to reach the various services of our AGL Forwarding company quickly and easily through:

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