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Ro-Ro Transportation

The increasing volume of trade between regions and countries day by day is not surprising in a globalizing world. In parallel with this increase, various systems and innovations are being introduced into business life. New habits have emerged in the field of shipping and transportation, which play an important role in trade, in line with this situation. Ro-Ro transportation is an important method that needs to be addressed in this context. Ro-Ro transportation is formed by abbreviating the words Roll on and Roll off. In short, this type of cargo transportation, which refers to the transportation of wheeled vehicles, is one of the most prominent among the transportation vehicles using sea routes.

This transportation method, used for the shipment of land vehicles, includes the transportation of large vehicles such as trucks, passenger cars, and trailers. The ships carrying these vehicles are called Ro-Ro ships. Although the capacities of Ro-Ro ships vary from one to another, the smallest Ro-Ro ship has the capacity to carry 25 trailers. For this reason, this type of transportation is of great importance.

Ro-Ro vessel ports are not ordinary ports, but Ro-Ro ports. Loading and unloading operations are carried out at these ports. It is essential for these operations to be carried out by experts in the field. Therefore, Ro-Ro transportation is a method that requires great care and attention from every angle. Our company aims to fulfill the demands of customers as quickly and completely as possible by providing this transportation service. There are important and noteworthy advantages of this transportation method in the short and long term.

Advantages of Ro-Ro Transportation

Ro-Ro transportation has gained importance due to the intensification of international trade. In this context, an increase has been observed in the number of companies providing Ro-Ro transportation services and their workload. There are various advantages of this method that require careful attention.

These advantages are briefly discussed below.

In addition, sea transportation does not include issues such as customs queues, traffic, and visas found in land transportation, so these factors can also be shown among the advantages of this method. In general, it is clear that this transportation method offers significant opportunities due to both capacity and special equipment, even when the general benefits of sea transportation are left aside. For this reason, expert companies should be consulted to obtain significant benefits from this method, which offers important gains.

Steps of Ro-Ro Transportation

In international trade, understanding the process of this transportation method, which has a significant position, requires knowing a few pieces of information about the general operation. First of all, the loading process is carried out at the relevant date and time in accordance with the permission granted by the Port Authority. However, for loading operations to be performed in this transportation method, the relevant person must be at the port. An important point to know is that this loading process takes place based on the outcome of the negotiation between the carrier and the sender companies. The way vehicles are loaded onto the ship, how various parts of the vehicles will be loaded, and which vehicles will be loaded first are discussed among the companies and a common decision is reached. The loading process is carried out according to these decisions.

Ro-Ro transportation is a significant method with the potential to offer important advantages and benefits. For this method to achieve success and for the parties to obtain significant benefits, the process must be carried out correctly by expert companies. Therefore, it is expected that companies wishing to use this transportation method will carefully decide on the transportation company. In this context, our company stands out with its comprehensive work. We provide services in European standards with our teams consisting of professional staff. You can choose our company, which operates with a meticulous, secure, and comprehensive work approach for all the benefits of Ro-Ro transportation. You can contact us through our communication channels to get complete answers to all your questions about the process.

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