Ethiopia Transportation

Ethiopia Transportation


Nowadays, thanks to the transportation and logistics sector, many companies and industries have the opportunity to trade and do business between countries. The mutual requirements have enabled these operations to develop. Many businesses and export companies within Turkey’s borders do not limit their trade and services to neighboring countries only. Many companies in our country continue to conduct trade and export operations with various countries in Africa. Ethiopia is one of the countries that many companies in our country trade with. There is a need for professional logistics companies to successfully maintain trade between Ethiopia and Turkey. Many companies are concerned about transferring their products securely from Turkey to Ethiopia. Therefore, they are looking for a reliable logistics company that works professionally. In this regard, our company offers a quality international Ethiopia transportation service to our valued customers.

Our company, which is knowledgeable about the balances and procedures between countries, offers permanent solutions to our valued customers in Ethiopia logistics services. Our logistics company, which establishes a quality trade bridge between Ethiopia and our country, offers you a solution partnership for all your international transportation needs.

Ethiopia Logistics Services

In recent times, the trade volume between Ethiopia and Turkey has been growing. Of course, the contribution of professional logistics companies to this growth cannot be underestimated. One of these logistics companies is our firm. We play an active role in transportation, shipping, and storage processes by providing professional solutions for all our customers’ international transportation needs. Many companies struggle to find a company providing logistics services to Ethiopia. However, as AGL Forwarding, many export companies prefer to work with us with our Africa-focused transportation solutions. Our company, which has been providing logistics services internationally for many years, has developed many logistics applications. In this regard, our company, which meets all the requests of its customers, offers professional services suitable for all the needs of our valued customers. Depending on your requests, we provide Ethiopia transportation services professionally to our valued customers using transportation methods such as maritime and airways. Using transportation methods such as maritime and airways, we offer many different solutions to our customers with the combined transportation method.

Turkey – Ethiopia International Logistics Services

With services such as project transportation, we provide you with a professional logistics service with our full, combined, and standard transportation services. Trade is conducted in many different sectors between Turkey and Ethiopia. Thousands of companies continue their commercial activities between the two countries. Due to the trade volume between the two countries, full and partial transportation is carried out. In this period when logistics services to African countries like Ethiopia are hard to find, we offer services tailored to the needs of our customers. We provide different transportation applications depending on factors such as the type of your cargo, the maturity of your cargo, and the quantity. We mainly transport by air and sea and directly enter Ethiopia. Then, depending on which city the delivery will be made to, we deliver your cargo to the desired point securely.

Turkey – Ethiopia Logistics Process

In trade between Turkey and Ethiopia, the role of logistics companies is quite significant. For example, the requests of our customers who apply to our company are met by our call center. The cargoes to be sent are determined. Then, our company determines the transportation method and route for your cargo to be sent. In the next step, a price quote is provided for the shipment between the two countries. After this price quote, if you accept the offer, our personnel pick up your products and transport them to our warehouses. Then, the products moved to our warehouses are sent to the specified addresses by air or sea. The products dispatched are delivered to their destination in a reliable and high-quality manner within the promised timeframe.

Ethiopia Partial Transportation

Partial cargoes to be transported to Ethiopia are delivered through highly professional stages. One of the transportation types where professional work is at the forefront among transportation types is partial transportation. With years of experience, our company delivers all your parts to Ethiopia seamlessly. This process proceeds as follows:

  • Our customers first contact us to inform us that they have partial loadings.
  • Then, our customers’ freight information is obtained. Afterward, it is determined where the goods will be picked up from and where they will be delivered. Then, the type of cargo is asked.
  • Based on the information provided, a price quote is offered to the customer by the relevant department.
  • Upon accepting the price quote and agreeing on the transportation processes, a contract is signed.
  • In the subsequent process, the customer is given an appointment. The cargoes are picked up at the scheduled day and time and transported to our company’s warehouse. In the warehouses, the cargoes to be transported to Ethiopia are loaded onto vehicles and made ready for transportation operations.
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