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Non-Standard Project Transportation

Project transportation refers to the non-standard transportation of non-standard goods from one place to another. In recent years, there has been a demand for project transportation from our country to many countries around the world, especially construction companies showing great interest in project transportation.

One of the most important details in project transportation is time, as the goods to be transported must reach its destination within the specified time and without any damage. If the project parts cannot reach their destination within the specified time, significant losses can be experienced from both the seller’s and buyer’s perspectives. Therefore, the processes of project transportation are much more sensitive than other types of transportation, and the company to be preferred for project transportation must be chosen with greater care.

Before starting project transportation, all documents must be complete, and the process must be managed from start to finish by an expert team. Our company has successfully completed hundreds of Project Transportations over the years and has served in many different fields. At this point, we have transported steam and gas turbines, factories, pipe racks, power plants, condensers, transformers, heat boilers, rail system projects, tanks, pressure vessels, dryers, and chimney furnaces, among others.

Project Transportation Processes

The most important aspect of project transportation is having an experienced and expert team. The expert team should consist of professionals from different branches, and tasks should be shared. In addition, equipment and vehicles must be suitable for transporting heavy goods. The team should be familiar with the procedures of the countries where transportation will take place and have information about the shipment areas. Road analyses, engineering calculations, and time management must be done in the best possible way.

Limitations in project transportation should be taken into account. The most common ones are changes in the plan, time, and budget. For a flawless project transportation, the route selection should be given utmost attention, and the transportation method to be used should be determined along with the route determination. A successful project transportation requires systematic work and following certain steps. The main stages to be followed can be listed as:

If all these stages are completed sequentially and without any deficiencies, project transportation will be successful. In the preparation stage, the route is determined, and the shortest and safest route for the shipment is identified. Then, the cost of the shipment and the required budget are determined. A cost table is created. In operational suitability, the team to be involved in the transportation is formed, and the equipment to be used is planned. In legal compliance, permissions from official institutions are arranged in advance for the routes the shipment will pass through. In the last stage, the compliance with human and environmental health is checked during the project. The customer is informed about all these stages with information.

Considerations in Project Transportation

Project transportation requires extra care and professionalism compared to other types of transportation. In project transportation, special systems, containers, or different vehicles are utilized. If the project is to be transported by road, vehicles with axles or multi-axle systems are preferred. If a project is to be transported by road, attention should be paid to traffic density on the predetermined route. The height of bridges, tunnels, highways, freeways, overpasses, and intersections along the road should be taken into account. The road’s weight capacity and the number of lanes should be considered.

Once all checks are completed, vehicles known as “40 wheeler” are preferred for project transportation. These vehicles are used during transport. The entire team, including the driver, should pay utmost attention to safety measures and not lack safety equipment such as helmets, work gloves, safety glasses, and work vests according to the goods. Those carrying explosive or flammable materials must absolutely not approach the goods with such materials. The drivers and the rest of the team must be trained in these areas. Our company, with its trained drivers and teams, plans project transportation from start to finish, carries out the transportation in accordance with the plan, and always provides the best service according to the most up-to-date procedures.

The Company Performing Project Transportation

Project transportation companies carry goods that are beyond a standard size or weight. Although there are some high-level requirements in all project transportation, each operation has its own unique methods. Customers should be selective, preferring companies with special certifications, experience, team, and vehicles in project transportation rather than companies that perform regular transportation.

As a company, we always use cutting-edge technologies and provide world-class project transportation. We more than meet expectations in terms of time, cost, and safety.

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